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How do I export Data files from Cambium?

Exporting Data Files from the Cambium Reporting System. Only results from summative assessments is available. Interim and Benchmark assessment results are not available for export.

  1. Log into the Reporting System cambium web landing dashboard

  2. On the right side of the screen, click ‘Download Student Results’ cambium web ui for reporting

  3. Under ‘Print Options’ on the left, select a report format and output type (note that sub-scores will not be available in the combined data file; only overall scores/measures will be included) cambium web ui print options

  4. Select a test reason (most will be interested in the Spring Summative results) and click next. cambium web ui  report options

  5. Select which assessment(s) you want (most will be interested in selecting ‘All Subjects’) cambium web ui  report options

  6. Select which students you want (most will be interested in selecting ‘All Students’) cambium web ui  report options

  7. On the bottom left side of the screen click the ‘Generate’ button.
    cambium web ui  report options

  8. When the report is generated, it will appear in your inbox (upper right corner of the Reporting System screen. Click on the name and it will prompt you to download the file.

To select other years/assessments, from the main screen

  1. Select ‘Change Reporting Time Period’.
  2. Under ‘View results for schoolyear:’
  3. Select the year you are interested
  4. Under ‘View results for students who were mine on:’, enter the last day of the school year for that time period (e.g., for 2018-2019, enter 6/30/2019) Image