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What are the main criteria for approval of a Health/medical Exemption?

A medical exemption: 

  • Must be submitted before the student completes testing (unless there is compelling evidence that the student had a health/medical issue that was undiagnosed prior to testing)  

  • Must be submitted before May 16th to allow time to process before the test window closes 

  • Must establish that the heath or medical issue prevents the student from participating effectively in assessment and/or creates or increases a health risk, AND 

  • Requires submission of a medical exemption request form and documented approval by the Agency of Education 

Do psychological conditions qualify a student for an exemption?

In some cases, especially if the student is under the care of a medical professional, crisis-level psychological conditions may qualify a student for a medical exemption.  

Is a note from a medical professional required?  

No, but it helps. As a matter of practice, we do not second-guess or overrule a physician's expert opinion.   

Do stress or behavioral issues constitute significant medical emergency eligible for medical exemption?  

On their own, these conditions do not qualify a student for medical exemption.