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Assessment Results and Reporting

Are schools required to provide assessment results to parents? If yes, when and in what format?

Yes. When and how the results are provided to parents is subject to the discretion of the school or Supervisory Union/District. For example, schools may mail home the student report, or they may present it during a parent conference. Whatever transmittal method is used, the Agency recommends that:  

  • the school provides a method for parents to consult with educators for help with interpreting results, and 

  • results are provided as soon as possible after release so that they are available for creating plans to meet the student's specific needs.  

Are schools required to report assessment results to the community?

Yes, although similar to individual student reports, the timing and format is up to the local school leaders. Any public release of assessment results may only take place after the Agency of Education has publicly released official school and SU-level results (i.e., unofficial results cannot be shared). 

Do the same rules apply to special education students?

Yes. The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act notes that assessment results for students with disabilities, both state and local, should be reported "...with the same frequency and in the same detail as it reports on the assessment of nondisabled children." 

Can state assessment results be used as part of the special education eligibility process?

Use of statewide summative assessment results as part of the special education eligibility process is not recommended, except as a secondary measure. First and foremost, the state tests are not validated for this purpose, or for that matter, for any diagnostic use. In addition, the skill areas measured by the state tests do not match the basic skill areas outlined in federal rules.