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Ed-Fi Integration

The Ed-Fi interoperability framework facilitates collecting local education agency (LEA) information.

The Vermont Agency of Education(AOE) is looking to pilot Ed-Fi for the 2022-2023, 2023-2024 school years with the requirement that all Supervisory Unions submit via Ed-Fi for school year 2024-2025.

We are targeting the Ed-Fi API for Suite 3 v5.3 (Latest), but have changed some descriptors to meet our states needs. You can read more about those changes in the Ed-Fi Governance Section of the site

Below is additional information for various audiences:

For Schools and Supervisory Unions

The hope is that Ed-Fi will streamline the work required for your organization to complete your state reporting. You'll just use your SIS, check some state-built data quality and validation reports to ensure everything is as it should be. No more passing around CSV files and using a separate interface to see obscure errors. Your vendor's interface will help you resolve the issues.

Each year you'll be provided with a url and authentication credentials for your SIS to use for a particular school year. Annually AOE would reach out with this information sometime in June so you can prepare your system for the upcoming school year.

During our Pilot, we hope to develop a simple, web based dashboard where you can review your data as the state sees it and we can work with you and your vendor to resolve any data quality issues or data discrepancies.

Something else we hope comes from using Ed-Fi together, is that we would be able to offer all SU's an interoperability framework to use to link up the different software systems you use to run your schools. For example, your food system could pull enrollment information from your SIS via Ed-Fi in near real time, while checking to see if any students qualify for free or reduced lunch, keeping both systems in sync.

For Vendors & Service Providers

Please see the vendor specific information here for more information.

Legacy Codeset Mapping

Please see the Ed-Fi Codeset Conversion section for more information about how the legacy EdFusion codesets map to Ed-Fi.