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During each fiscal year, the Agency collects data from Vermont's supervisory unions and school districts. In addition, the Agency provides training to help school professionals provide this data.

Please contact the Agency's Helpdesk at with questions regarding data collections.

Elementary/Secondary School Register

The Vermont School Register is a student record-keeping document required by Vermont statute. The purpose of the school register is to document each of Vermont school's continuous year-to-year cycle of enrolling students, to record daily attendance, to report dropouts and graduates, and to report year-end attendance to the Agency of Education. It is the source document for calculating Average Daily Membership, which is a critical aspect in the state funding system.

Elementary/Secondary School Register Documentation

Head to this section to download the Official Identification Forms that you need to complete for each school year.

Id Requests for Public and Independent Schools

Please contact the SLDS support group( for information regarding public schools forms

For Educator or Student ID Requests: Please use the SLDS DC1 & DC2 submission process or the ALiS systems. Only the educator is allowed to change their personal information. If you notice there is a problem with how the educator is listed in ALiS, please contact the educator and have them update their profile in the system.

Annual Data Collections

Here's a list of data collections and their general due dates:

The above collections have information on this site that defines each collection and helps answer frequently asked questions.

There are other financial related collections that are not covered in this site, such as:

  • Announced Tuition
  • Preliminary Budget
  • June Budget

Please reach out to the AOE Finance team with questions regarding these collections.