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COVID-19 - SU Survey

This survey was initially released in the fall of school year 2022.


The purpose of this data collection is to gather vaccination information about students in Vermont's education system. This will help the AOE understand both the risk of COVID-19 related closures and the need for additional vaccines or booster shots across the state.  

Survey Administration

Please use the following link to provide the required information: SY22 COVID-19 - SU Survey (  

Please note:  

  1. The form does not require the disclosure of personal identifiable information (PII).  

  2. AOE is using the survey to get a sense of vaccination rates across the state. This will help inform vaccination policies, logistical planning surrounding the availability of vaccines, and aide in assessing the overall risk within communities. 

  3. The survey should only take a couple of minutes to fill out.  

  4. We are looking for your best estimate of current numbers as of the point in time you are filling out this form

  5. You'll likely fill this form out again later in the year.

  6. Please remember to hit the "submit" button when you have completed the form. 

Contact Information:

If you have questions about this document or would like additional information, please contact: 

AOE Help Desk, at

Reporting Instructions

  1. Head to the survey link: 

  2. Once on the landing page, the first question asks you to select your organization from the dropdown list.

  3. Next, enter the number of students enrolled in your organization. Please include all schools you operate. Please provide your best estimate of the current number of enrolled students as of the day you are filling out this form. Independent Schools will be submitting data via a different mechanism.

  4. In the next question, please provide the percentage of your staff that are fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Please provide your best estimate.

  5. Next, please report the number of students you have in each grade, and what percentage of those students are fully vaccinated. You have two options to upload this information. Either manually enter it, or create a csv file of the information and upload it. Choose your method of input from the dropdown provided.

Manual Input Method

After selecting "Enter Manually", follow these instructions to complete the form:

  1. From the school dropdown, select which school you'll be entering information for in this section.
  2. In the "Vaccination Rate By Grade Section", you'll do the following for each grade of the selected school
    1. Select the grade level you'll be entering data about.
    2. Enter the number of students currently enrolled in this grade at this school.
    3. Enter the vaccination rate as a percentage from 01 to 100, where 100 means all of your students are vaccinated, and 0 means none are vaccinated.
  3. Click the button "Add Grade Entry Section" to add another grade for this school.
  4. Enter all grades for a particular school.
  5. Click the button "Add School Entry" to add another school.
  6. Repeat steps 2 to 5 until all of your SU's information is input.
  7. Click "submit" to send the information to AOE.

Upload File Method

After selecting "Upload File", follow these instructions to complete the form:

You will need to create a csv file with the following headers: - EnrORGID - The enrolling org id of the school, usually starts with PS, but might be PA in some cases. - Grade - The grade you are submitting an aggregate for. See this codeset. - EnrollmentCount - The number of students enrolled in this grade - VaccinationRate - Percentage of the grade that has been vaccinated

Please include grades that have a 0% vaccination rate.

  1. After creating this file, click on the upload button and select your file, or drag the file onto the upload button.
  2. Click "submit" to send the information to AOE.