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SLDS Vertical Reporting

This section contains the data collections that pertain to supervisory unions and their data mangers.

The goal of this collection mechanism is to facilitate the transfer of information required for the state to audit enrollment information and to produce various federal and state public reporting requirements.


Typical Schedule of collections throughout a school year.


DC5 and DC6 are started sometime in September, and require initial certification sometime in November. A re-submisison window is held from November until early December


DC7, usually an optional submissions, is held from February to early April.


DC4 is open usually from June to August.

Prior year data submissions

If you have a correction to make to a prior year submission, you can do so for any ADM related data for up to 3 years. We will have resubmissions windows usually in the fall for things like this. Please contact us to let us know you'd like to do this, and we can work with you to schedule a time.