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COVID-19 - Staff Survey

This survey was initially released in the fall of school year 2022.


The purpose of this data collection is to gather vaccination information about staff in Vermont's education system. This will help the AOE understand both the risk of COVID-19 related closures and the need for additional vaccines or booster shots across the state.  

Survey Administration

Please use the following links to provide the required information: 

Please note:  

  1. The form does not require the disclosure of personal identifiable information (PII).  

  2. AOE is using the survey to get a sense of vaccination rates across the state. This will help inform vaccination policies, logistical planning surrounding the availability of vaccines, and aide in assessing the overall risk within communities. 

  3. The survey should only take a couple of minutes to fill out.  

  4. Please remember to hit the "submit" button when you have completed the form. 

Contact Information:

If you have questions about this document or would like additional information, please contact: 

AOE Help Desk, at

Reporting Instructions

  1. Head to the survey link below based upon where you work:

  2. Once on the landing page, the first question asks you to select your organization from the dropdown list. 

  3. With an SU/SD selected, a list of schools in that SU/SD will be displayed. Select all schools you work at or attend in person on a regular basis. 

  4. In the next question, please fill out your town of residence. If you don't see your town listed, be sure you are using a legal town name, not a village name. If you live out of state, please use one of the 900 codes available at the top of the list.

  5. Please answer the next questions honestly and to the best of your ability. These notes will hopefully address questions you might have:

    • You are considered fully vaccinated if you completed the full course of shots required by your particular vaccination provider.
    • It doesn't matter if you were sick with COVID-19 or not. If you were sent home to quarantine due to a COVID-19 outbreak at your school, you should answer yes to this question.
  6. Click "submit" to send the information to AOE.