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EdFusion Processing Order

The order of processing of submissions is affected by other users of the system. If someone uploads a higher ordered submission, their submission will process before yours.

EdFusion Batch Ordering

The following table shows the order in which files are processed in the queue. All items waiting to to be processed are scanned, and then processed in this order on each run.

Domain Sequence Domain/Collection
1 Master List Alias Name
2 AOE Master Data List
3 Match Collections
4 Submission (DC#03_NightlyCollection_Unofficial)
5 PreK ADS (DC#19_HSEHS_Org_Unofficial)
6 PreK ADS (DC#16_PubPrek_OrgInfo_Official)
7 Submission (DC#04_YearEndCollection_Official)
8 Submission (DC#05_Tuition_Students_Official)
9 Submission (DC#06_FALL_ADM_Official)
10 Submission (DC#07_Spring_Official)
11 Additional Data Sources
12 PreK State Match
13 PreK ADS (DC#10_R4K_Unofficial)
14 PreK ADS (DC#11_TS_Gold_Unofficial)
15 PreK HS Match
16 PreK Submission (DC#13_HS_EHS_Unofficial)
17 PreK ADS (DC#14_IDEA_B_Unofficial)
18 PreK ADS (DC#15_IDEA_C_Unofficial)
19 PreK Submission (DC#18_HSEHS_Flag_Unofficial)

So if there are a lot of 3 - Match Collections being done by folks, other submissions will have to wait until all the match collections are cleared out.

The minimum queue time is 2 minutes, meaning even if something takes less than 2 minutes to process, the queue won't look for another item until 2 minutes have passed.

If you have trouble getting your submissions processed in a timely manner, try using DC3 submission to test your files first, as that will be run before other submissions.