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File Specifications

This section contains specifications for the different files that are used across the various collections.

Legacy Specifications

This information was originally outlined here. We have moved this documentation to this knowledge base, but have left these files here for easy reference.

SLDS: Submission Overview

SLDS: Instructions for Flat File Specifications

SLDS: Master Data Elements by Submission

SLDS: DC Definition

SLDS: Submission Build Guidance

SLDS: Business Rules

Naming Conventions

Using the example data collection above, please note the file naming nomenclature outlined below.

Sample submission

06_0_Student_Identity "06" refers to data collection number.
06_0_Student_Identity "0_Student_Identify" refers to the name of the submission file, each specification shares this name/number.

Together, the data collection number and submission name create a unique file name for each submission, across collections.

What should be included in a submission

Each submission should contain ALL records for the SU/SD.

Do not submit separate submissions for each school or source system.

Please review the 5_DC_SubmissionBuildGuidance_v1.xlsx file for detailed information on how to use file submissions, including the process for adding, updating and deleting records to a previously submitted submission.

If a partial submission (one containing only a portion of your schools or students) - the data submitted prior to this submission will be ignored.

Common Attributes and Formatting

File Format

The CSV file extension refers to the file format - which is comma delimited. The first row should include field names.

Looking at 06_0_Student_Identity file as an example, here is a sample submission file with the header row and three sample rows of data.


Note: Data in each field is surrounded by quotes. This is referred to as a field qualifier.

Note: Because of its role in designating field contents, the double quote cannot be part of any field within a data submission.

Blank, Empty, or Null Data

Optional fields that are not populated are "blank". For example, Minnie M. Mouse has no post name so it is a comma separate with double quotes with no space between double quotes.


Multiple Code Submissions

Here we will discuss submitting more than one value for a field in a single row.

There is one field that allows for multiple code submissions within ONE FIELD using "pipes" | as the delimiter within each value of that field.

This field is named "Addit_COURSECAT" and is found in the 12_COURSE submission file.

This field would be separated from other fields using commas - but values within this field will be delimited using a pipe. So this field, with three values in it, in flat file submission would look like

... ,"20|21|22", ...

This field with one value would look like

... ,"20", ...

Data should align to data type and length requirements that are listed in 3_MasterDataElementsBySubmission_v2.xlsx file.