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Ed-Fi Data Governance

This section of the site houses information on Ed-Fi data governance as it relates to the state and it's collections.

Please review this document, updated on 10/11/2023, for the current Ed-Fi to legacy state reporting mapping:

Vermont AOE Ed-Fi 6.1 Resources and Elements V2023.10.11.xlsx

Any changes to the base Ed-Fi profile will have the namespace applied to it. For example, a descriptor resource that we changed or added will have the namespace set to uri:// The default Ed-Fi descriptor for the base profile is

You can find more information about the descriptor changes here:

VT Ed-Fi Descriptors Governance

We have not made any changes to the base Ed-Fi profile resources, as the model fit our needs.

Please note that we added some programs to help capture student level participation such as supplemental services, home study, and dual enrollment.

You can find more information about program descriptors here:

VT Ed-Fi Programs Governance