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Ed-Fi Programs Governance

The Alternative and Supplemental Services Domain covers a vast number of default options that we'll use to aid in our data collection.

These are typically attributes related to the student such as supplemental services, home study, and dual enrollment.

Applying these programs to students will likely have an effect on funding and ensuring their correctness will be critical.

programTypeDescriptors Added

The following programTypeDescriptors were added to aid in gathering information about students:

Legacy Codeset Ed-Fi programTypeDescriptors
EST Educational Support Services related to Act 117
Homestudy Homestudy
Dual Enrollment Dual Enrollment in a College
Universal PreK Universal PreK
Tuitioned Student(DC5) Tuitioned Student
Early Collage Early Collage

Existing Program Types that should be used

The following is a list of program types that you should report students participating in.

Student School Food Service
Title I Part A
Title I Part D Subpart 1
Title I Part D Subpart 2
English as a Second Language (ESL)
Career and Technical Education
Foreign Exchange
High School Equivalency Program (HSEP)
Special Education
Section 504 Placement
Public Preschool
Preschool Special Education
Regular Education
Expelled Education
District-Funded GED