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Knowledge Base Change Log

Here is a list of changes we've made to the site so it's easy for you to track it over time.


  • Ed-Fi codesets officially moved into regular codeset section after initial testing.
  • Warning that Ed-Fi section will remove codeset mapping section as it was moved to base codeset section. This will reduce duplication of content.
  • Assessment was moved out of FAQ to it's own section and new content was updated for SY24.


  • CTE data collection initial documentation made available on this site.
  • Ed-Fi legacy mapping document made available.


  • updated NSLELG codeset descriptions for clarity


  • Update School Register to state Ed-Fi is required for SY25
  • Update Ed-Fi codeset conversion
  • Add Ed-Fi Descriptors governance section
  • Added initial Household Income Form section


  • Site styles were changed to match new styles used in main AOE site
  • Military affiliation collection information posted
  • Update Descriptions of NSLELG field to provide more clarity and avoid confusion


  • Initial draft of EdFusion to Ed-Fi codeset mapping.
  • Initial launch of Student Matching and Direct Cert information through knowledgebase
  • Initial launch of Military affiliated student collection


  • More updates to Assessment FAQ section as we move towards a new testing platform
  • Add FAQ item about reporting PreK students residing in another district
  • Add FAQ page about Data Reporting of Hazing, Harassment, and Bullying (HHB), Sexual Harassment, and Sexual Assault
  • Cleared up FAQ answer asking if are districts required to report all complaints related to HHB
  • Fix link to Child Count Collection information


  • Add initial Student Match Form
  • Add FAQ item about PreK students in ELL counts for DC5
  • Add a lot of content to Assessment FAQ section


  • Add notes for downloading Cambium assessment data
  • Add Fundsource codeset specific to indy census, it's a subset of the full one to be easier for folks to understand
  • Fix link to list of closed organizations.
  • Move Covid-19 related attendance notes to their own section


  • Update descriptions of codeset NSLELG for clarity
  • Fix some links that went to Staff_Match, instead of Staff_Identity files
  • Add notes to school register with links to more information about school choice and attendance laws
  • Add FAQ items to VTVLC about grades allow and reporting requirements.
  • Add more clarity about when substitute teachers need to reported.
  • Add additional notes to the 8_Org_Profile school year timeframe columns to provide clarity around dates to use.


  • Add notes to school register about what to use and encourage electronic storage of documents
  • Add notes and more clarity around NSLELG codeset
  • Added a link to for help with school attendance questions


  • Add initial FAQ section for Assessments
  • Create Page detailing how to find and read the Data Quality Reports
  • Update Staff and Educator FAQ item about when name changes are pushed to the system.
  • Update notes on 5_PS_GradeProg to say the second line indicating grade progression is not necessary.


  • Add start of Ed-Fi codeset conversion guide
  • Don't require middle name for student name change form and add gender
  • Add FAQ section for Sharepoint
  • Updates to FAQ sections Courses and Staff or Educator for clarity and new items
  • Add initial form to be invited to the data managers user group with Microsoft Teams


  • Add registrars to LEA Contact form.
  • Add initial page for Assessment information, still under construction
  • Fix some spelling errors pointed out by our users, thank you!
  • Upgrade our accessibility(pa11y) to the latest version
  • Switch all external forms to an iframes to avoid our accessibility checker flagging them as non-compliant
  • Add FAQ item regarding transgender and gender nonconforming students?


  • Add form to Ed-fi Vendors to contact AOE for more information.
  • Fix for link to USDA manual on determining eligibility (thanks for reporting Andrew :))
  • VED Organization Dataset Headers descriptions were completed.
  • Fix for link to Master data elements (thanks Michelle for reporting this :))


  • Add to codeset RoleID's: 113, 114, and 310, Elementary/Secondary educators and Instructional Coaches
  • Add to codeset Role: 50 and 60, special educators
  • Add initial section for VED Data Downloads column definitions to existing VED download page.


  • Fix files listed for DC7
  • Move Direct Cert instructions to it's own page
  • Add instructions for food service manager access to EdFusion for Direct Cert.
  • Initial release of EdFi documentation
  • Clarification around what filters a student from ADM in FAQ
  • Various spelling and clarity fixes in FAQ items
  • Intial release of secure communications guidance documentation


  • Update api documentation to include tagged sections
  • Add closed organizations api endpoint, this endpoint only contains this past year, but the hope is to fill out the data set to all we have on file
  • Reorganize organization codset location to it's easier to maintain
  • some minor spelling fixes on forms and dc5 pages


  • Add latest newsletters
  • official launch of api available at /docs
  • add collection notes for upcoming COVID-19 surveys
  • add more FAQ questions about DirectCert
  • add Independent School Census Instructions


  • Add FAQ items to ADM about town of residence and how residency is reported when someone is homeless
  • Add link to COVID19 related memos
  • Fix missing columns in file specification for 2_TS_Stu_ADMByEnrollingOrg
  • Add Public Data Dashboard pages to the Governance section


  • Add initial version of forms for LEA Contacts, Student Name Changes, Suggestions and secure file upload.
  • Add more clarity for EMPORGID.
  • Add FAQ item about how to show retained or held back students.
  • Re-organized Collections into layers based on audience.
  • Rename Flexible Pathways FAQ page to a more general Courses page and added a bunch of new questions related to reporting course information.
  • Re-organized Change-Log page into a Governance page so we had room to have other logs and newsletter archives.
  • Add initial draft version of Roles and responsibilities.
  • Aligned internal and external site build processes.


  • Add missing Codeset POSID
  • Add initial pages for DC13 and DC17 Collections
  • Add File Specification and Codesets for Headstart(HS) collections DC13 & DC17
  • Add FAQ Items:
    • COVID-19 Guidance - Previously Available elsewhere
    • CIRS - Are districts required to report all complaints received or just the ones that are investigated?
    • CIRS - If they are required to report all complaints received, then how should school districts differentiate in the State reporting between complaints in which an investigation is opened versus those that are bumped into other student misconduct categories?
    • Early College - Does anyone submit classes for Early College students in DC#04?
    • Virtual educators employed by the SU - How do I report teachers designated to teach remotely who have students enrolled in their classes from their own school (Place of Service or POS) and from other schools within the SU?
    • Virtual educators not employed by the SU - Should workers that are contracted with our district be reported or only those paid as direct employees?
    • Tech Center educators that are teaching in person (that are not identified in the course setting TC) - We have a student who goes full time to a tech center (CTE). We have the student set up as Enrolled Here Receiving Services Elsewhere. Are we required to report?
  • Update wording on Some FAQ items to be more clear.
  • Add note to not submit more than one ADMINID in a submission for matching
  • Rename DC#07 to DC07 to match style of others
  • Add Documentation on new Special Educator Role Codeset


  • Initial Launch