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Vendor Information

The Agency of Education does not require certification by vendors to use Ed-Fi. Each Vendor is open to implement the specification as they see fit, and local education agencies(LEA) are encouraged to leverage the state's ED-FI implementation for their own interoperability needs.

If you wish to develop against our sandbox api, please request access through this form.

There will be data quality checks and verification tools and displays on AOE's side to ensure the data are being properly transmitted to the state so we can execute public and federal reporting requirements.

We do suggest you fully support the Ed-Fi API for Suite 3 v6.1 and that your system allows for incremental and scheduled synchronization of data via the Ed-Fi standard.

Please review this document, updated on 10/11/2023, for the current Ed-Fi to legacy state reporting mapping:

Vermont AOE Ed-Fi 6.1 Resources and Elements V2023.10.11.xlsx

Vermont has updated some descriptors to match our reporting needs. You can learn more about that in our Ed-Fi Governance Section