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COVID19 Guidance

Please reference the COVID19 Help Sheet available here

It's copied below for easier reference.


This reference document is meant to address questions about submitting data for the


Year End Official Collection through Vermont’s State Longitudinal Data System (SLDS): edFusion. The questions and answers in this document are categorized by the submission files affected.


Q: How should we record students who did not complete an Early College program?

Please follow your school’s re-enrollment procedures for students that exited the Early College Program prior to the program end date and finished up the remainder of their senior year at their high school.

Q: Should PreK Students be exited if they stopped attending due to COVID-19?

These students affected by the Stay Home Stay Safe policy should not be exited. They should be kept on roles.


Q: How should attendance be recorded during periods affected by COVID-19?

Please refer to the official memos on this topic:


Q: How should we record active session days, if we have under 175?

AOE has tracked all waiver requests and total active session days should be submitted as recorded (even if under 175). AOE will allow days on and after March 18, 2020, to count as instructional days, understanding that SUs timing varied on when remote learning began.


Q: Are there courses changes due to remote learning?

Federal guidance has asked us to keep course setting as it would have been recorded preCOVID-19, and not make changes this year due to remote learning. DC#04 COVID-19 Help Sheet (Revised: June 25, 2020)


Q: If there are grade scale changes in Q4 (i.e. pass/fail) how does this works in edFusion?

Using the term, you can enter different types of grades in courseletter mark. For example, you can use ABC, for quarter 1,2,3, and Pass/Fail Q4.