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Data Validation and Error Reports

This page deals with questions related to the data quality reports currently made available on the EFT

Where can I find the Data Validation and Error Reports?

These are released per SU on the EFT server. Please reach out the AOE SLDS Support Group if you need help gaining access.

Once logged in, head to the folder:

/SLDS VR/SUXXX/From AOE/Data Validation and Error Reports/

Which will have your reports from the various collections(DC6/DC4/DC7). Select the Collection and year you're looking for to review the reports.

Can you explain to me the Outlier report?

Initially we called this the 15 percent change check, but we've augmented it to check against state norms.

Additionally, we've changed from 15 to 10 percent to match what our federal partners check for when we submit data.

If the data for a particular field/columns aggregate fails both the 10 percent change and the state norms check, we flag it as an outlier, and this is the high priority error you're seeing.

It's a likely indicator that something is wrong, or that there's been a drastic change in your school. It helps to find this problem or confirm this change with you now so we don't have to down the road.