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Home Study

Below are questions pertaining to Home Study students

How should our SU report students who have asked for home study but have not been approved by the AOE?

If they are not attending school, keep them enrolled for 10 days per statute until you have received official word from AOE that they have been approved for home study.

Until approved, they should still be attending school. If absent, please mark as such for up to 10 days, then exit the student.

Covid-19 Update:

Due to the recent spike home study requests:

  • Principals are asked to accept documentation of submission of materials (Cognito receipt, sent email, USPS proof of mailing) for any student whose Parent/Guardian says they have applied to home study but who is not yet on the updated list of enrolled and pending students.
  • The Agency of Education is advising superintendents and principals to consider any student whose Parent/Guardian has submitted evidence that they have submitted enrollment paperwork to be treated as “pending.” These students shall not be considered truant.