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CTE Data Collection

This page is dedicated to questions around the data collection CTE centers are required to submit.

Where can I find the directions and an overview of the 2022 database’s functions?

In the CTE Team’s Sharepoint Site: HERE

When are the key dates for submission of the database(s)?

  • October 20, 2021: Student Lists to Superintendents
  • November 15, 2021: Databases (2021 and 2022) to AOE
  • March 20, 2022: Student Lists to Superintendents
  • April 15, 2022: FY2022 Database to AOE
  • June 30, 2022: FY2022 Database to AOE

What are the database codes for each CTE center?

fldCenterID  fldHHSID  fldCenterName 
077  PA003  Lyndon Institute 
133  PS187  Missisquoi Valley UHSD #7 
800  VC002  Central VT Career Center 
801  VC009  SW VT Career Development Ctr 
802  VC011  River Bend Career & Tech Ctr 
803  VC014  Windham Regional Career Ctr 
804  VC004  Burlington Technical Center 
805  VC005  Cold Hollow Career Center 
806  VC006  Essex, Center for Technology 
807  VC008  Green Mtn. Tech. & Career Ctr. 
808  VC001  Patricia Hannaford Career Ctr 
809  VC010  North Country Career Ctr. 
810  VC012  Randolph Technical Career Ctr 
811  VC013  Stafford Technical Center 
812  VC003  Northwest Technical Center 
813  PA004  St. Johnsbury Academy 
814  VC016  River Valley Technical Center 
815  VC007  Hartford Career & Tech. Ctr. 

Where do I send the LEA report for those students who are Out of State or Out of Country?

The Database handbook (page 40) isn’t clear about that. Out of State/Out of Country student lists don’t have to be sent anywhere. Verify that the student is actually an out of state or out of country (e.g. foreign exchange) student. If the parents have a Vermont address, use that town. It may be necessary for you to get more information from the sending high school before you decide how to enter them in the database.

From the Database Handbook, pg 23: “If the town is not in Vermont, choose the most appropriate Out of State option (options include: Other State-MA, Other State-NH, Other State-NY, Other Out of State). If the student is a resident of a foreign country, use “Other Country-Canada” or “Other Out of Country”.”

In -state superintendents have to sign off on in-state student lists because their district pays tuition. Out of state student’s districts still have to pay tuition, but invoicing for that is a tech center business office function. Out of country (mostly foreign exchange) students are reported in the database, but are not included in in-state tuition calculations.

We have several students who are gender fluid or non-binary. There are no categories for this is our report. How should I complete the gender portion of the report for these students?

Gender is a part of each student’s demographic record (Student View). Make sure you are accessing the 2022 database. In the 2022 database you should be able to type in a one or 2 letter designation for their gender.

From page 17 of the database manual: “Enter the gender the student self-identifies: “M”, for male, “F” for female, “NB” for nonbinary, “TF” for transgender female, or “TM” for transgender male. Access will display it in upper case whether you type upper or lower case. This is also a required field; you cannot enter a student record without it.”

We advise using “NB” (nonbinary) for students identifying as gender fluid.

In the databases prior to 2021, the options are limited to “M” or “F”.

Where do we put our WorkKeys scores?

The database does not currently have the functionality to input your WorkKeys scores.

Our database is missing an industry recognized credential (IRC), can you add it?

IRCs are added to the database after a request to add the credential has been approved. I will check with Doug as to whether or not the credential has been approved. If it has, we will add it to the database.

Our database is missing a program, or the program is incorrectly named. Can you help us add/change the name.

Requests to modify local names or add new programs were due over the summer. We will verify the program listing in the database against what was submitted over the summer. If there are errors, we will correct them. We cannot add new programs to the database without them going through the new program approval process. I will check with Doug and Ruth on your program lists.