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Here are questions that didn't quite fit into a category yet.

How does tuition for virtual schools work?

A school must be approved by the state as accredited before it can be used in a DC05 submission. There is another dept. at AOE that is in charge of school accreditation.

If a student or parent submits or requests we change a students name, under what conditions should that be allowed?

Please only report legal names to us. Most SIS systems have the ability to set a preferred name, to accommodate a variety of scenarios where a student might want to be called something else. For reporting purposes, we can only accept legal given names.

If we promoted a student last year, and over the summer they decide to home school, at what point do we exit them as homeschool?

Students must register with the AOE to become home study students or to leave home study. They should receive confirmation from our home study group concerning their status.

How should we report an exchange or international students in our schools

A foreign exchange student should be reported as out of country.

A foreign exchange student is included in your October 1 enrollment, but, not included in your ADM Equalized Pupil Calculation

You would report that student with the following information:

File Column Value
PS_ADM FUNDSOURCE 07, 09 or 98

I am trying to get a report that contains graduation rates for my District. I thought this was the school report. I see today that when I try to run it, it errors out.

The best place to look for the most recent data is the Vermont Education Dashboard which replaced the school report.

What Exit codes determine a schools graduation rate?

The following EXITTYPE's are used to determine the drop out rates of schools:

  • Graduation Status:
    • Graduated = 08
    • Did not graduate = 01, 09, 10, 13, 14, 15, 16, 18, 19, Unknown exit type(student was never properly exited from the school
  • Drop Status:
    • Dropped = 01, 09, 10, 13, 14, 15, 16, 18, 19
    • Not Dropped = 08

How are graduation cohorts determined?

A student’s cohort refers to the year they first attended 9th grade (Vermont or otherwise).

Cohort graduate rates are calculated by taking all of the students in a particular cohort (adjusted for student who move out of state, move to an independent school, etc.) and determining what percent gradated within a particular time frame (e.g. What percentage of students in the 2015 cohort graduated within 4 years? or What percentage of students in the 2013 cohort graduated within 6 years?).

Exit codes determine both the adjustments of students leaving the cohort and their graduation status.

How should we report a student who is attending Vermont Virtual Learning Academy?

This is an online program that coordinates with your school. If this student is enrolled at your school and you are paying Vermont Virtual Learning Academy tuition for this student to be in this program, please report them as enrolled in their normal school. Students should be enrolled in a regular school as well as attending the virtual academy.

What are the best practices for schools regarding transgender and gender nonconforming students?

Please see this document from AOE about this topic

Typically, SIS systems have a way to store both legal biological sex (used for reporting) and gender (what the student identifies as). When doing reporting, AOE is interested in the legal biological sex of the student due to the federal requirements for a students legal biological sex.