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Staff & Educator

Should these folks be included in submissions?:

  • Paraprofessionals
  • School Registrars
  • Facilities, Acquisition, and Construction
  • Bookkeeper
  • Secretary

No, please include only those staff members who would require a Vermont educator’s license (classroom teachers, guidance counselors, nurses, principals, superintendents, etc.). View full list here

DC#04 reporting instructions do not seem to classify Child Care workers, nor after school teachers (who are not required to be State certified or have a State teacher ID #).

Please include staff members who would require a Vermont educator’s license (classroom teachers, guidance counselors, nurses, principals, superintendents, etc.). View full list here

Whatever field works best in the EmpOrgID field for a staff member, should it be unified across all reports?

Yes, the EmpOrgId field needs to be populated (unified) with the same state identifier across all four files. For the POSID field use the same school identifier.

FILES EmpOrgID – acceptable state identifiers POSID – acceptable state identifiers
0_Staff_Identity OPORGID (unified union) OR ADMINORGID (SU) N/A
10_EmpOrg OPORGID (unified union) OR ADMINORGID (SU) N/A
11_POS OPORGID (unified union) OR ADMINORGID (SU) ENRORGID (school)
11a_POS_RoleTable OPORGID (unified union) OR ADMINORGID (SU) ENRORGID (school)

Should the "bucket" educators like Virtual Vermont Educator be submitted as staff in the DC04 data collection?

Yes. They should be included in 04_0_Staff_Identity. More Information can be found here: 0_Staff_Identity - Data Collection and Reporting Knowledge Base

Will the following reports error out after submission if they don't have something in the EDUCATORID column? 0_Staff_Identity, 10_EmpOrg, 11_POS and 11a_POS_RoleTable?

Also, I have all of the actual educator IDs, but what about those in the list that are not class room educators (example - nurses)?

Yes, the reports will throw errors. You need to supply the educator id, just as you need to supply the permnumber (student id number) for students. The staff (list) will not have information beyond the 11a Role table. They are staff that we look at for licenses and endorsements. School nurses, for example, have a license. There are also staff like principles that if an organization has teachers teaching courses you are required to list a principle, assistant principle or Career and Technical Center Director. The roles listed will be in the ALIS system and will have an educatorid. They can be submitted through the normal staff match process.

What do we enter for the POSID (place of service) for employees at the district level, such as superintendent? I am looking for how to code our own employees that aren't associated with students or schools, such as our superintendent.

The superintendent and others are employed at the supervisory union (example: SU056) and the place of service (POS) is ADMINORGID SU056 (or whatever someone’s SU number is). There are cases for special educator coordinators where the employing org will be SU056 and the place of service will be a split FTE at each of the schools that the person spends time at. These are two examples, for SU level employees, of how to handle coding.

An educator should enter their legal name in the ALiS (Online Licensing System for Educators) system. The purpose of this to match up transcripts/test scores and other relevant documentation with the online account. A preferred name could be entered in the “Maiden Names/Other first and last names” field. Gender options include female, male, prefer not to answer and other. An educator may make the selection most appropriate in that field.

How do I deal with changed staff information? I had a staff record that worked last week, and this week it's not being accepted...

The names in the SLDS are based upon how they are listed in the online licensing system (ALiS) and are pulled every morning, after educator IDs are assigned to new registrants of ALiS. That data is used to create the Staff Master List which is uploaded into the SLDS between 12 and 1pm.

Typically, changes in staff result from the above process. Staff can go into the licensing system and change their name at any time. You'll need to periodically sync up your data with the staff master list using the staff match data collection process.

If there’s ever a question on name anyone can search the online licensing system.

For this type of situation, a wild card – percent sign (%) – can be used in the last name field.

View of ALiS Educator Search

Anyone can search for an educator’s name by going here - - and under “To Search for an Educator” clicking on “click here”

View of link to search for an educator

In the next screen enter in last name and perhaps first initial –

example view of educator search results

And click ‘Search’. This will provide you with how names are listed in the online licensing system.

Please note, this does not provide the educator ID, but will assist with the name so when a Staff Match is run, the SLDS should provide the ID in the output file.

I get an error message for records in my staff identity file, even though they come back with no error in the staff match file. Why?

0_Staff_Identity (DC07, DC04, or DC03) data must be an exact match to educator data in ALiS (FNAME, LNAME, DOB, GENDER). 02_0_Staff Match does not have to be an exact match. Staff Match is used to get the EDUCATORID.

Virtual educators employed by the SU - How do I report teachers designated to teach remotely who have students enrolled in their classes from their own school (Place of Service or POS) and from other schools within the SU?

Best practice is to report the educator's permnumber (State Assigned Staff ID/EDUCATORID), POSFTE = 1 and 100% RolePercent at the school employing the educator (POS). At the school(s) not employing the educator, but the educator is performing a role of teaching courses virtually/remote, report the educator's permnumber (State Assigned Staff ID/EDUCATORID) an POSFTE = 0 (zero) and 100% RolePercent.

Virtual educators not employed by the SU - Should workers that are contracted with our district be reported or only those paid as direct employees?

Best practice is to report the contracted employee using the educator's permnumber (State Assigned Staff ID/EDUCATORID), POSFTE = 0 (zero), 100% RolePercent and EMPSTATNO (Employment status number) = 103.

If information is not available, 9999100, etc. EducatorID numbers can be used for virtual educators, educators who are not licensed in VT, or who are not familiar to the system. POSFTE = 0 (zero), 100% RolePercent and EMPSTATNO (Employment status number) = 103 would also be reported for these virtual educators

I'm having a recurring issue with 03_14b_StaffSectionAssignment regarding Staff VERMONT EDUCATOR, POSTSECONDARY. I am getting this error, intermittently:

EDUCATORID, if educatorid =(9999100 or 9999150 or 9999200 or 9999300 or 9999350) then there must be at least one additional educatorid assigned to the coursesection that is not equal to (9999100 or 9999150 or 9999200 or 9999300 or 9999350), U, StaS111

I got the error for course sections with the district staff member (Principal) with a role of 20 (co-teacher of record). I changed the role to 10 (teacher of record) and it worked, but new courses popped up as more and more 20 (co-teacher of record) courses failed. I had to do a blank files upload to clear data. The only error I got was 80 courses* with the error above, shown in bold. Thus, ALL the one additional educatorid failed after working for several submissions.

The answer is that the principle should be listed as the role 10 and the virtual educator as the 20. In this case it is the principle that is awarding the credit for the course to the student.

Tech Center educators that are teaching in person (that are not identified in the course setting TC) - We have a student who goes full time to a tech center (CTE). We have the student set up as Enrolled Here Receiving Services Elsewhere. Are we required to report?

Within the SU: students enrolled at a public school, using Tech Center (CTE) courses towards graduation, the CTE course needs to be listed in the data collection. If the Tech Center is within the SU, best practice is to report the educator’s permnumber (State Assigned Staff ID/EDUCATORID) and the educator’s POSFTE. Educator’s permnumber is available from the superintendent report or the CTE_Educators list on the EFT site.

If the Tech Center is outside the reporting SU, the TC course still needs to be listed, educator’s permnumber (State Assigned Staff ID/EDUCATORID), POSFTE = 0 (zero), RoleID = 108 (Vocational Teachers), RolePercent = 1 (100%) and EMPSTATNO (Employment status number) = 103 (Contracted position).

Date of birth (DOB) can be used with Staff Match to obtain educator’s information.

Worst case, use the 9999100, etc. EducatorID numbers to populate the fields for the educator teaching the course.