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Is there a grade limit and how would you report someone enrolled in your school but taking courses at VTVLC?

VTVLC is available for all K-12 students. Please enroll these students in your school at the grade they are at and report them with an ADMINSTAT of 08. You can see below for futher considerations about reporting courses.

Will we be required to submit course enrollments and end of year grades for those attending VTVLC?

Each school participating in VTVLC programs has a person that is a “school coordinator”. This person has an extract of course enrollment, attendance and student transcripts (grades) over the course of the year. Typically, those with access to this in VTVLC we've seen may wear the hat of guidance counselor or mentors at your local schools.

How do I download this information from VTVLC

Here is a video guide provided by VTVLC on how to get this information from their system.

What is the correct course setting for VTVLC course sections?

Please use the code VR, which stands for virtual.

Scenarios for Consideration

In the following scenarios, each course section that a teacher teaches has either only in-person students or only virtual students. There are no hybrid classes where some students are virtual and some in-person.

Here are some scenarios that exist for our teachers and our students:

Scenario # 1

Local teacher is teaching virtual courses for VTVLC - no in person at all

Enrolled in course sections are:

  • local students as virtual students
  • other VT students as virtual

In our SIS we would create a course sections for the local teacher as a virtual course section and enroll local students but not other VT students.


Yes, those students will be reported by their own enrolling school. That school will need to use the virtual teacher option for their course section setup. But you will be basically be reporting a virtual course with one of your teachers.

Scenario # 2

Local teacher is teaching virtual courses for VTVLC and in-person courses at our school.

Enrolled in course sections are:

  • local students only in the in-person course sections
  • no local students are enrolled in the teacher's VTVLC course sections
  • other VT students are virtual

No students from our school are enrolled in their VTVLC courses, but local students are enrolled in their in-person local course sections.

In our SIS we would create course sections for the local teacher for in-person course sections and enroll local students?


In this case you need only create the in person course section option. Again the virtual aspects of the actual course will be captured by the high school of those students who are virtual.

Scenario # 3

Local students who are 100% virtual take a VTVLC course but the teacher is from a different Vermont school.

In our SIS we would create a course section for the course, with a Vermont Virtual Educator (9999300) as Teacher of Record and local guidance director as co-teacher? Other way around?


There is another way to complete the data here. Like we do for the CTE teachers, you could get the permnumber and teacher information. That teacher is the 100% of a 0 FTE for your school. This allows you to use the real teacher permnumber and report the course without the use the 9999300 code. I think though that most people are setup to report these course using the 9999300 number at this point. If you do decide to recode your data this way we could do a deeper dive on it.