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Attendance Event Type

A codeset value indicating whether the attendance event was full-time or part-time or for a kindergarten morning or afternoon part-time session.


will need to be extended, or a fulltime/partime status needs to be set on enrollment.



attendanceEventCategoryDescriptorId codeValue description shortDescription
257 Excused Absence Excused Absence Excused Absence
258 In Attendance In Attendance In Attendance
259 Unexcused Absence Unexcused Absence Unexcused Absence
260 Tardy Tardy Tardy
261 Early departure Early departure Early departure
262 Partial Partial Partial

Legacy Codeset

These are options for this codeset:

CODE Description
FT Full Time
PTA Kindergarten Part Time Afternoon Session
PTM Kindergarten Part Time Morning Session
PTO Part Time Other