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A codeset value indicating the grade level or primary instructional level at which a student received services in a school or educational institution.




Legacy Codeset codeValue
IT Infant/toddler
EE Early Education
K, KF, KP Kindergarten
PK Preschool/Prekindergarten
01 First grade
02 Second grade
03 Third grade
04 Fourth grade
05 Fifth grade
06 Sixth grade
07 Seventh grade
08 Eighth grade
09 Ninth grade
10 Tenth grade
11 Eleventh grade
12 Twelfth grade
PD Postsecondary
AW Adult Education

Legacy Codeset

These are options for this codeset:

CODE Description
01 1st Grade
02 2nd Grade
03 3rd Grade
04 4th Grade
05 5th Grade
06 6th Grade
07 7th Grade
08 8th Grade
09 9th Grade - H.S. Freshman
10 10th Grade - H.S. Sophomore
11 11th Grade - H.S. Junior
12 12th Grade - H.S. Senior
AW Adult Without Diploma
EE Early Essential Education (EEE)
IT Infant and Toddlers
KF Full-Time Kindergarten
KP Part-Time Kindergarten
PD Post Graduate/Adult With Diploma
PK Pre-Kindergarten