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Exit/Withdrawal Type

A codeset value indicating the circumstances under which the student exited from membership in an educational institution.


This is captured in Ed-Fi via the ExitWithdrawTypeDescriptor when submitting a StudentSchoolAssociation

We have changed the default Ed-Fi descriptors to align with our state reporting requirements.

Please check the API for values in ExitWithdrawTypeDescriptor



Legacy Codeset Ed-Fi codeValue
01 Transfer To VT Public School
02 Transfer To VT School Under School Choice Agreement
03 Transfer To VT Independent School
04 Transfer To School Outside VT
05 Transfer To An Institution
06 Transfer to Home Study
07 Matriculation/Promotion
08 Graduated With Regular Diploma
09 Completed School With Other Credentials
11 Death
12 Illness
14 Discontinued Schooling
15 Absence/Status Unknown
16 Moved And Not Known To Be Continuing School
18 Transfer to GED program NOT operated by VT School District
19 Transfer to College Program


These are options for this codeset:

CODE Description
01 Transfer to a public school in Vermont—A student who transfers to a public school that is located within the state of Vermont.
02 Transfer to a Vermont public school under School Choice Agreement – A student who transfers to another Vermont High School according to a school choice agreement.
03 Transfer to an independent school in Vermont—A student who transfers to an independent school in Vermont.
04 Transfer to a school in a different state or to a school in a different country—A student who transfers to a public or private school that is located in a state outside Vermont, a public or private school outside of the United States, or to a United States overseas dependents school.
05 Transfer to an institution—A student who transfers to an institution which has an educational program. This includes mental health institutions, correctional institutions, juvenile service agencies, care shelters, and detention facilities.
06 Transfer to home study—A student who transfers to receiving instruction in a home environment (chosen for reasons other than health).
07 Matriculation to another school—A student who enters another school after successful completion and promotion from the highest instructional level of the current school to the next higher level.
08 Graduated with regular diploma—A student who has received a regular high school diploma upon completion of state and local requirements or a high school diploma from a program other than the regular school program.
09 Completed school with other credentials-- A student who received a certificate of attendance, or other certificate of completion, in lieu of a diploma.
11 Death—A student whose membership is terminated because he or she died during or between regular school sessions.
12 Illness—A student who left school for an indefinite period of time because of a physical, school-approved illness.
14 Discontinued schooling—A student who stops attending school and the student does not intend to complete the requirements for a high school diploma.
15 Absence/Status Unknown— A student who has been withdrawn due to 10 consecutive days of unexcused absence, status or location is unknown to the school or school district.
16 Moved, not known to be continuing—A student who has moved outside his or her attendance area and is not known to be continuing his or her elementary or secondary education.
18 Transfer to GED program NOT operated by VT School District—A student who has transferred to a GED or Adult Basic Ed program not operated by a Vermont School District prior to the completion of his or her secondary education.
19 Transfer to College Program--A student who has transferred to a college program resulting in a college degree without receiving a high school diploma.

Advice and Training

  • Forum Guide to Exit Codes- provides an updated taxonomy for exit codes, information on best practices related to exit coding, and case studies that highlight different education agencies’ approaches to and experiences with exit coding