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Below you'll find links to the org codes available for each year


AOE will prefill these via api call before you access your Ed-Fi instance.


Current Codsets

Pre-K Organization

Download the current preK codes here

General Organizations

Download Current org codes here - You can filter on the OrgType column to get only results by town(TXXX), SU(SUXXX), public school(PSXXX), independent school(ISXXX), etc.

An independent school has an OrgType of one of the following:

  • Approved Ind. Kindergarten (IS)
  • Distance Learning (IS)
  • Independent School (IS)
  • Private Academy (PA)
  • Recognized School (IS)

Reminder: Allowable School Types for Public Tuition Statute limits the schools to which a school district can tuition its students (16 V.S.A. § 828). School districts are only allowed to pay tuition to:

  • Public schools in Vermont or another state,
  • An approved independent school,
  • An independent school meeting education quality standards,
  • An independent school in another state or country approved under the laws of that state or country,
  • An approved education program, or
  • A tutorial program approved by the State Board of Education.

Prior Year

Org codes will not change once issued.

You can find the list of closed organizations here