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Incident time of day

A codeset value indicating the time of day at which the incident occurred.


This is captured in the incidentTime attribute on the ed-fi/disciplineIncidents

Legacy Codeset

These are options for this codeset:

CODE Description
13 Upon arrival to PreK
14 During pick-up from PreK
15 During morning session
16 During afternoon session
17 During quiet time
18 During outdoor play
19 During bathroom or diapering
20 During transition between routine activities
21 During mealtime/breakfast/lunch/snack
22 Other, please describe below
1 Before classes
10 After school at non-school-sponsored activity
11 Other time after school hours
12 Unknown
2 During class
3 During passing
4 During lunch/recess
5 After classes
6 Other time during school hours
7 On bus to school
8 On bus from school
9 After school at school-sponsored activity