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code set for student grades

A codeset value indicating a meaningful alphabetical or categorical expression of performance of an individual in a course section. The codeset allows results to be expressed in different ranges of passing marks (e.g. A,B,C) and / or levels (e.g. A+, A, A-) or categories (e.g. Pass/Fail, levels of proficiency attainment).




You can provide a numeric or alphanumeric grade.

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codeValue description
Basic Basic
Advanced Advanced
Below Basic Below Basic
Fail Fail
Pass Pass
Proficient Proficient
Well Below Basic Well Below Basic

Legacy Codeset

These are options for this codeset:

CODE Description
10 A+
11 A
12 A-
13 B+
14 B
15 B-
16 C+
17 C
18 C-
19 D+
20 D
21 D-
22 F
23 Pass
24 Fail
25 Failing (Very Poor Performance)
26 Minimally Acceptable (Lowest passing grade)
27 Acceptable (Meets some of the basic standards for the course)
28 Good (Meets standards for the assignment or course)
29 Outstanding (Meets the highest standards for the assignment of course)
30 Withdrawn
31 Withdrawn - Pass
32 Withdrawn - Fail
40 Incomplete
50 Excused
55 Mark is not required
66 Ungraded Course
77 Audited
88 Course in Progress
99 Numeric Mark (only) provided for this course


  • Codes 25 through 29 can be used to accommodate proficiency based grading systems.
  • If no grade is awarded at the course level in proficiency based grading, do not average the mark, award the students a pass or Fail grade (codes 23,24)