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Code set to identify course term

A codeset value indicating the term during which the course section was offered.




A session is created and attached to a number of course sections, via /ed-fi/courseOfferings

Legacy Codeset

These are options for this codeset:

CODE Description
FULL Full School Year
INTR Intersession
MINI1 Mini-term 1
MINI10 Mini-term 10
MINI11 Mini-term 11
MINI12 Mini-term 12
MINI13 Mini-term 13
MINI14 Mini-term 14
MINI15 Mini-term 15
MINI2 Mini-term 2
MINI3 Mini-term 3
MINI4 Mini-term 4
MINI5 Mini-term 5
MINI6 Mini-term 6
MINI7 Mini-term 7
MINI8 Mini-term 8
MINI9 Mini-term 9
MININ Multiple Non-consecutive Mini-terms
MINIX Multiple Mini-terms
QIN1 First Quinmester
QIN2 Second Quinmester
QIN3 Third Quinmester
QIN4 Fourth Quinmester
QIN5 Fifth Quinmester
QINN Multiple Non-consecutive Quinmesters
QINX Multiple Quinmesters
QTR1 First Quarter
QTR2 Second Quarter
QTR3 Third Quarter
QTR4 Fourth Quarter
QTRN Multiple Non-consecutive Quarters
QTRX Multiple Quarters
SEM1 First Semester
SEM2 Second Semester
SUMR Summer Term
TRI1 First Trimester
TRI2 Second Trimester
TRI3 Third Trimester
TRIN Multiple Non-consecutive Trimesters
TRIX Multiple Trimesters